Unlock Precision Shooting with PROHUNTER.app’s Top 6 Targets!

November 16, 2023

Unlock Precision Shooting with PROHUNTER.app’s Top 6 Free to Print Targets! 🎯🔭

When it comes to honing your rifle for the perfect shot, PROHUNTER.app has you covered. Our team has carefully curated the top 6 targets designed to make zeroing your rifle a breeze for any hunting expedition.

Download – Target 1 (click here)
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Download – Target 4 (click here)
Download – Target 5 (click here)
Download – Target 6 (click here)

1. Versatile Precision:
Our recommended targets provide the ideal zero distance, known as “GEE” (günstigste einschießentfernung) or “IZD” (ideal zero distance). This unique feature enables shooting from 0 to 250 meters without requiring any adjustments.

2. Ease of Correction:
Place one target on the shooting stand and another close to you for easy measurement of corrections in centimeters. Achieve unparalleled accuracy effortlessly.

3. Visual Feedback:
Some targets come with additional colored corners, offering visual feedback for quick assessments of your last shot. This ensures precision, especially when the center might already be occupied.

4. Heart Shot Mastery:
Ever wondered about the ideal heart shot on a roe deer or a wild boar up to 70 kg? Our targets feature the average size of the heart, presenting a deadly shot zone within 13×7 at 100 meters.

Level up your shooting game with PROHUNTER.app’s meticulously crafted targets. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, our targets are your trusted companions for achieving unparalleled accuracy in every shot. Elevate your hunting experience today! 🌄🦌 #PrecisionShooting #PROHUNTERapp #HuntingTargets

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